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NDN Group Acquires FreeComm to Lead Through Digital Disruption - NDN Group Website
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HONG KONG, 23 October 2019 – Leading digital conglomerate NDN Group (NDN) has announced the majority stake acquisition of Freedom Communications Ltd. (FreeComm), a Hong Kong-based best-in-class app and web development company, to secure digital-centric business growth and lead through digital disruption in the region.

Powered by bold idea, proprietary digital technologies and business expertise, NDN – depicted as the fastest-growing venture builder in the city – has been unleashing top-notch digital transformation solutions for businesses through a myriad of Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Fintech, Adtech, e-commerce and eSports all intersects as well.

One of the earliest technological pioneers, FreeComm has delivered the most innovative and differentiated services and supports to more than 1,000 enterprises, government agencies, NGOs, and other blue-chip organizations since its inception in 1998. Having reached out to more than 8 million users through its multi-platforms, FreeComm has offered tailored products and services namely property management systems, marketplace platforms, E-learning solutions and many other futuristic technologies. It also specializes in delivering a comprehensive social benefit suite with exclusive rates for non-profit organizations, charity foundations, philanthropies and community care groups.

The latest acquisition of FreeComm not only complements NDN’s digital-based integrated services, but also boosts its rapid expansion and diversifies business development across a wide array of industries, thereby exemplifying its robust digital ecosystem.

“We value NDN’s vision to initiate ever-breakthrough solutions and services to disrupt the market through optimizing customers’ digital experience lifecycle and journeys,” said Candy Chui, Director & Partner of FreeComm. “Our shared values and mutual endeavours of delivering state-of-the-art solutions will be the backbones for all we do with NDN. Going forward, we strive to integrate into the NDN family seamlessly and take a bold step to deliver world-class initiatives to businesses.’’

“NDN stands as a regional and global leading venture builder in the advent of digital transformation era as we are dedicated to elevating our business solutions to the next level. With FreeComm’s seamless integration into our Group, we are set to render holistic and ultimate digital-centric services to a wider community in Hong Kong,” Andy Ann, Chairman of NDN, commented. “We warmly welcome Candy to join our leadership team. With her rich experience, we gear up for mapping out and supporting a host of digital transformational initiatives for businesses and entrepreneurs.”

NDN Chairman Andy Ann and the venture management team – comprising strategic thinkers, digital marketers, tech innovators, software engineers and others – will lead the fully-fledged Group with over 150 staffs in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo and Dubai. FreeComm will grow its business by fully leveraging on the NDN Group’s digital services ecosystem and capacities.

NDN owns and operates tech ventures across the entire digital value chain. This unique venture platform helps hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies to create and launch innovation initiatives so as to upscale their business growth.

As the largest venture partner in the region, NDN has years supported the initiation of the early start-ups including Klarity Analytics, Darizi, Hot Mob, Y5HotMedia, Rocketbots, GoImpact Capital Partners, NOIZChain, Handler Travel, Yas Digital, XIN, Hello Jack and many more. It has truly fuelled its growth through investment partnerships and acquisitions that add value to its digital ecosystem.

About FreeComm
Freedom Communications Ltd. (FreeComm) is an award-winning app and web development service provider. It has been in business for over 22 years with a stellar portfolio, having served over 1,000 clients. They include government, NGOs, professional institutions, blue-chip companies and more. With an experienced and forward-thinking team, FreeComm is committed to delivering world-class user experience in their products. Turning complicated ideas into reality is their strength.

About NDN Group
NDN Group is a major digital conglomerate and investment group focused on building, acquiring, and growing companies in the digital space. Our businesses are involved in a wide range of industries across multiple markets, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics, digital media, mobile solutions, social media, e-commerce, e-sports, content development & distribution. Additionally, we also specialize in delivering digital transformation training for major international corporations in order to support the increasing demand for digital experts. 

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