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NOIZchain Limited has successfully launched the region’s first cognitive ad campaign combining artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for Orbis Moonwalkers fundraising event. Such groundbreaking collaboration is founded by award-winning serial entrepreneur, Andy Ann of NDN Group and with the partnership of Hotmob.

Orbis is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that has been traveling around the world eradicating blindness since the 1980s. Their flagship project the Flying Eye Hospital brings life-saving operations and quality eye care to people who live in different parts of the world, especially the rural areas. Their dream is a world free from preventable blindness and they are always looking for support to continue this meaningful mission.

Orbis Moonwalkers is an annual fundraising event in Hong Kong where individual, team and corporate participate in a 20 km night walkathon. The theme and route change every year. Nostalgic is 2018’s theme. The race beings from Shatin Sports Ground and ends at Tai Po Tai Mei Tuk. A unique opportunity for people to enjoy the wilderness and tranquility of the night. Part of the race, participants will be required to walk blindfolded to experience how it feels to not have vision. Trophies will be awarded to the top fundraising individual, team and corporate.

“As an advocate of social impact, this is an amazing opportunity to support a great cause and to showcase the true potential and vision of NOIZchain. Orbis is the perfect partner to launch our first campaign”, said Andy Ann, CEO of NOIZchain. Cognitive ad is an AI chatbot banner ad. It stores conversational data from users interactions and learns from the collected information to better improve its conversational abilities. It can verify each conversation is indeed responded by human rather than spambot. The AI can also classify consumer responses, their engagement, into a Level of Intent system which will provide a better understanding of the target audience.

The objectives of this campaign were firstly to increase awareness of the event and secondly to build the body of real world data that drives the system. We used Moonwalkers creatives to design the front end and drafted different dialogues that we anticipated users would engage with. Users were able to click or type their response in Chinese. The campaign ran for almost two weeks on Programmatic Network and Hotmob Premium Network.

Data is stored on a NEM blockchain, a permission-based enterprise-grade blockchain. Making it immutable and immediately accessible to all participants on the network. Procedural code automatically manages interactions between users on the network and managing data flow. Full details of every past interaction remain available for future conversations and indeed future campaigns. As the body of data grows it can be reused and tailored to work with different campaign criteria.

“We are excited to work with Orbis to showcase how our platform works. Conversational based marketing combining blockchain will drastically change the way brands market their products. Instead of focusing on clicks or impressions, intent is a much more meaningful benchmark. It provides useful insights, which allow a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. We think that this is the future of advertising”, said Keith Chow, COO of NOIZchain.

Imagine a system that can provide clean genuine data without compromising people’s data privacy. This is what NOIZchain is about creating a new advertising ecosystem that is  conversational based, using blockchain technology and with people’s consent. Meanwhile, contribute to social impact.

“Blockchain for Good is not a hype. It is here to stay and validates our vision. Look at United Nations Development Programme and Binance’s the Blockchain Charity Foundation these are just a few examples,” said Kelvin Cheung, CRDO of NOIZchain.

More information about the project as well as the development of the technology behind NOIZchain is available on the website and the whitepaper.


About NOIZchain

NOIZchain is an AI+blockchain ad network providing authenticated data to all parties, ensuring optimized user experience & empowering social impact campaigns. It’s cognitive advertisements provide conversational marketing funnels that fast track the conversion process. It is the future of advertising through the power of conversation. To learn more, visit


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