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NOIZchain is a blockchain project that incorporates AI into its business model for the purpose of improving digital advertising, calling itself “The Future of Advertising.” What does this mean, though. In the opinion of NOIZchain, it means upholding three core values: Integrity, Interaction and Impact. These are the three I’s to NOIZchain.

Integrity: Ridding the industry of fraud

Integrity refers to NOIZchain’s ability to filter out spam. Spam is a broad word, it includes not only spam traffic, but also spam ads, all of which are fraudsters.

Spam traffic inflates the data results that advertisers use for calculating their return on investment (ROI). There are two culperates that generate spam traffic: Spambots, which are strings of code programed to perform tasks across the Internet, and click farms—facilities made up of multiple cell phones or cheap labor that generate user actions.

Spam ads result in consumers being doped into paying for illegitimate services or products. Any individual can advertise whatever he or she would like, and they can create quite convincing marketing funnels that convert sales. Who makes sure this individual is legit?

In the NOIZchain network, Know Your Customer (KYC) details are required by each NOIZchain user to add one layer of legitimacy. The cognitive, smart ad is the second layer of legitimacy, programmed to recognize spam like traffic and remove such data from reports. These both combine with a community consensus voting system that allows users to vote on ads and advertisers they trust.

Interaction: Engaging with a smart ad & contributing to a community

NOIZchain displays cognitive advertisements that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to constantly grow smarter. This filters out the spam and improves consumers’ advertising experiences while also increasing ad engagement. This has become known as a Proof of Engagement concept.

As mentioned above, the NOIZchain platform also includes a consensus voting system, which allows all parties of NOIZchain to upvote and downvote advertisers, publishers and social impact organizations. This creates a level of trust in the ads, content and charities that consumers interact with.

It also means that the NOIZchain community is self-governing, so the community determines which advertisers, publishers and social impact organizations are allowed to remain in the NOIZchain network and which are to be removed. Thus, keeping NOIZchain honest.

Impact: Social Responsibility

To make more NOIZchain in the world, this project includes social responsibility organizations in the flow of its token economics. This allows these good-hearted organizations to raise funds more easily. How does this work?

To incentivize consumer engagement with ads, NOIZchain rewards consumers with tokens. To incentivize consumers even further, advertisers and publishers can offer product or service discounts in exchange for the tokens. When consumers redeem tokens for these discounts, the tokens go straight to social impact organizations rather than stay with the advertisers and publishers.

Therefore, by interacting with a NOIZchain cognitive ad, consumers receive discounts on products and services in addition to making the world a better place.

Grass is greener on the other side

The advertising industry has demanded a change to the current digital advertising ecosystem, and NOIZchain has responded with a solution that is a win-win for all parties involved.

The team behind the NOIZchain project come from decades of experience in advertising and have even developed businesses that revolve around AI and digital advertising. The Hotmob platform, for example, a partner company of NOIZchain, has already built a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) ad network that serves 30 million ad impressions per day.

This project aims to truly solve the major ad industry crisis by providing people with a safer, transparent and more secure community through blockchain and AI technologies.

This is how the future of advertising looks—full of NOIZchain.

For more information on this project, contact [email protected].


About NOIZchain 

NOIZchain is an AI+blockchain ad network providing authenticated data to all parties, ensuring optimized user experience & empowering social impact campaigns. It’s cognitive advertisements provide conversational marketing funnels that fast track the conversion process. It is the future of advertising through the power of conversation. To learn more, visit


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