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Incorporating AI into your business is no longer a dream. It can improve efficiency, drive sales and offer a better customer experience.

Our agency arm, New Digital Noise is excited to announce the launch of Hang Seng Credit Card Chat with DORI. After a year of development with the client, from concept to launch, it went live on 11 January 2018. DORI (“Dining; Offers; Rewards; Interactive”) is an AI chatbot that will provide customers with a faster, simpler and more convenient service experience.

Available through Facebook Messenger, DORI can search and suggest credit card merchant discounts, and dining and online store offers that suit the personal preferences and lifestyles of customers. DORI can also make reservations for customers at selected restaurants.

Using AI technologies including machine learning and natural language processing, the virtual assistant is able to simulate human-like contextual conversations and interact with customers. It can communicate in Chinese and English, and can also understand Cantonese as well as the mixing of English and Chinese. Through interacting with customers, DORI will continuously improve their ability to address customer enquiries.

If you want to learn more about chatbot or have any questions on digital initiatives, contact us and see how we can help you. It’s time to embrace the chatbot revolution.


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