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As one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration countries, 96% of Hong Kong smartphone users spend as much as 5 hours weekly on average watching more than 147 online videos per month. Smartphone users are deeply engaged with online videos and hence it makes sense for advertisers to create branded videos for their mobile advertising campaign.

Launching Interscroller Network

Hotmob is to launch an ‘Interscroller Network’ serving over millions of mobile video views monthly across multiple fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment mobile web platforms with high traffic records. Advertisers may incorporate branded video inInterscroller ad, together with static or HTML creative to fully make use of this impactful and user-friendly Interstitial to tell great stories.

With ‘Interscroller Network’, advertisers may reach a large volume of target audience with various demographics and interests. The all round network covers a wide variety of contents such as Kpop news providing by KoreaStarDaily, Timable with a real-time events listing, Parenting Headline serving comprehensive parenting information, plus Presslogic Girls – an all about girl’s fashion and beauty magazine, along with other lifestyle contents distributing via Kdaily, Cats and Cookeys.

Collaboration with Celra

Developed by Celtra, the revolutionary Interscroller ad format combines the power of a high-impact Interstitial with an elegant scroll interaction to reveal brand content underneath the mobile web page. This ad format is built responsively adapting to full screen on all devices and orientations. Branded video will be played when 90 percent of the ad unit is viewed and audio is initiated by tapping. This HTML5 creative supports mp4, mov or avi video type.

Rick Knott, Regional Director, APAC of Celtra said: “We’re delighted to launch the Interscroller in Hong Kong with Hotmob. As users grow more accustomed to mobile experiences and more opinionated on mobile advertising, innovative solutions such as the Interscroller will be imperative to drive the future of mobile advertising. The Interscroller has been carefully designed with a strong focus on the user experience to consistently deliver a great experience.”

Karen Leung, Hotmob Vice President said: “The collaboration with Celtra to roll out the first ‘Interscroller Network’ in Hong Kong definitely offering more innovative advertising opportunities in the market and we are very excited to hear great interest from clients.”

About Hotmob

Hotmob delivers integrated and performance driven mobile marketing solutions facilitating with proprietary advertising technologies, robust ad-serving platforms and creative media that are engineered to meet the growing demand from businesses across Asia market. For more information, visit Hotmob at

About Celtra

Celtra pioneered an integrated SaaS platform for HTML5 authoring, creative serving, analytics and ads optimization that is designed and developed specifically for mobile and cross-screen digital advertising. Since 2010, when Celtra released its first version of AdCreator, it became a global standard in the industry, being used by over 400 premium publishers, advertising platforms, agencies and global advertisers, across 35 markets.

Celtra is headquartered in Boston (MA), with offices in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Ljubljana, Singapore and Sydney. For more information, visit Celtra at or @CeltraMobile on Twitter.

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