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NDN Group is a major digital conglomerate and investment group focused on building, acquiring, and growing companies in the digital space. Our businesses are involved in a wide range of industries across multiple markets, including artificial intelligenceblockchainbig data analyticsChina Marketingdigital advertising, mobile app development, social media services, E-commerce, content development & distribution.

Founded in 2002, by serial Entrepreneur Andy Ann, NDN Group has evolved over the last decade from a single digital business in Hong Kong, to a broad-based total solution corporation dealing with clients in 11 countries. The group now owns a portfolio of nine companies ranging from B2B services to online multisided platforms.

NDN Group also specializes in delivering consulting services for major international corporations and delivering executive training in order to support the increasing demand of digital transformation experts.


At NDN, We Integrate Technology With Marketing. With Our Digital Solutions, We Help Launch Businesses to Digital Success

Digital Solutions

Our digital marketing and consultancy arm, New Digital Noise, helps bring our clients’ businesses to life in the digital space.  With our digital transformation strategy and customer-centric focus, we help corporations reach and connect with their audience to drive sales growth.

Mobile Advertising

Hotmob delivers outstanding ROI for advertisers and businesses by targeting customer segments through relevant mobile portals with innovative interactions.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future of digital marketing, we leverage Artificial Intelligence for smarter communication.  With outstanding and comprehensive reach across channels from Facebook messenger to Skype and WeChat, we build AI and chatbot solutions to help businesses achieve marketing automation.

Big Data Analytics

Big data from social platforms, campaigns and customer engagement will provide insights into behavior and a more efficient marketing campaign. Klarity (recently acquired by Meltwater) helps transform big data into actionable intelligence. Klarity helps marketers and analyst gain invaluable insights into market trends for both Western and Asian behaviour.



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